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The EU project “Holy Grail Route” focuses on planning and promoting the spiritual and cultural route of the Holy Grail. The Holy Grail tourism route will represent an integrated collection of destinations which are horizontally and vertically interlinked through the theme of the Holy Grail route. An analysis of the attractions, activities and amenities from different destinations along the route will be done and this will be used as a basis for developing the route.

The aim is to create two main routes:

(a) Arthurian Epic Holy Grail Route, from Great Britain (where de Holy Grail went firstly), across France till Spain (Valencia – where the Holy Grail is now).

(b) Spiritual, Mystic/Mythic and Religious Holy Grail Route, by the sea from Bulgaria across Crete (Greece) and Malta till Spain (Valencia – where the Holy Grail is now).

Professor Buhalis, Principle Investigator, said that this is a very interesting project blending the expertise of the eTourismLab on Technology for destinations with cultural tourism towards creating a multinational route across Europe. Working with several innovative partners we will develop this innovative tourism product and virtually link a great number of places and resources.

Specific objectives:

- To identify the tourist potential of the Holy Grail Route. It is a historical, cultural route full of myths where Jewish-Christian and European cultures are permanently updated by puzzles, mysteries, nature, symbolic stones. Analyze and describe the main historic milestones, places, characters, enigmas.

- To design an initial/ basic Tourism Atlas of the Holy Grail Route

- To design a website in order to offer interactive access to different resources including the atlas, the route and other updated content in different languages. This will be done bearing in mind both dimensions: intranet and extranet.

- To design an identity symbol (BRAND NAME) for the route.

- To edit a credential including all the emblematic places, figures, etc.

- To organize networks to disseminate the knowledge within the local tourist providers.

- To plan signposting the route according to international principles.

- To create a ThinkTank about the Route based in the spanish Holy Grail Association among social networks, and touristic websites.

- To promote gastronomy, beautiful landscapes, pilgrim routes, mountainbiking and hiking routes in all the places identified in first objective.

- To get national, European and International accreditation on the Route.

- To organise the III Holy Grail Pilgrimage and the 2nd International Conference to promote and to spread the knowledge about the Route.


Research Institute

eTourism Lab - Bournemouth University

Funding Institution

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