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ECTRL Solutions is member of the consortium of the european project HARMOSEARCH (www.harmosearch.com), aimed at the consolidation of an existing service mediation and harmonization of data for the european tourist market, called Harmonise, by adding capacity semantic and distributed search.

The current version of Harmonise, Harmonise 2.0, is an online service that helps to overcome the interoperability problems when exchanging data between heterogeneous data bases, allowing players to exchange data with others partners without the need to change the local data schema.

Objective of the HarmoSearch project - Harmonised Semantic Meta-Search in Distributed Heterogeneous Databases - is the analysis and development of a platform-independent search mechanism for tourism services in heterogeneous data bases, based on techniques of the areas semantic web and schema matching. Main research activities are the development of a (semi-) automatic mapping tool, which allows users to generate mappings without any technological knowledge or mapping skills, and a semantic meta-search component, based on a semantic registry, to address scientific issues like mapping of search queries and intelligent routing to appropriate data sources.

In this research ECTRL Solutions participate also as a founding member of HarmoNET (Harmonisation Network for the Exchange of Travel and Tourism Information).


Research Institute

eCTRL Solutions

Funding Institution

European Comission - Seventh Framework Programme

Official project number


Status and date of completion