Research Project: Engineering the Knowledge Destination

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The research conducted in collaboration with core-stakeholders of the leading Swedish mountain tourism destination Åre addressed the generation of customer-based knowledge within a tourism destination as well as the BI-based supplier-oriented knowledge application to support suppliers’ decision making. Customer-based knowledge sources, like tourists’ search (Web navigation), booking and feedback-behaviour (surveys, review platforms), allowed the provision of an all-stakeholder encompassing Destination Management Information System (DMIS). All critical concepts, like the definition of industry’s knowledge requirements, data extraction, data warehousing and user-interfaces, have been technically validated, tested and implemented as a genuine novelty at the tourism destination Åre. In more detail, the research results comprise:

a) Business processes (web navigation, booking, customer feedback), and indicator sets effectively measuring customer behaviour and perception

b) A centralized Destination Data Warehouse (DW) built upon a uniquely defined data model.

c) The technical DMIS architecture based on the Rapid Analytics BI server-environment effectively supporting data extraction, transformation and loading (ETL) and data analysis through OLAP and Data Mining

d) The DMIS-‘cockpit’ implemented as html-based Web application ( providing stakeholders with decentralized access to instant analyses and ad-hoc visualization of analysis results

e) A business model according to which the central DW is localized at the DMO, thereby offering destination stakeholders multiple benefits, like benchmarking and free access to valuable knowledge sources.


Business Intelligence, Destination Management Information System, Data Warehousing, Knowledge Destination

Research Institute


Funding Institution

Swedish Knowledge Foundation Funds (KK-Stiftelsen) KK-Hög Program

Official project number

KK-Stiftelsen, Stockholm, Sweden KK-Hög project no. 20100260

Status and date of completion

Completed, 2013