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[email protected] Mobile project aims to find innovative solutions and experimental development of new informatics services to be integrated into the platform SUGGESTO, available through mobile platform (such as mobile phones and PDAs), for the recommendation of touristic products. .

In particular, we designed and tested in an experimental way new services that allow tourist to be able to enjoy real-time tips (e.g. about destinations, accommodation, events, etc..) even during the journey itself, with the possibility to update the plan because of environmental changes or of different travel needs (e.g, variations due to change of plans or other adverse weather conditions).

For the development of this research ECTRL Solutions has strengthened collaboration with the Fondazione Bruno Kessler, and with its academic partners, in particular prof. Francesco Ricci, University of Bolzano and prof. Hannes Werthner, University of Vienna, both persons of recognized international reputation in developing innovative technologies for e-commerce in tourism.


Research Institute

eCTRL Solutions

Funding Institution

Province of Trento

Official project number

Article 5 of Provincial Law No 6 / 1999 - financing of industrial research projects

Status and date of completion