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The SME E-COMPASS project offers real-time and on-demand web-based applications and services to SME e-commerce providers that they could not afford or do not have the business capacity for ordering customized applications from large IT and software providers.


The SME E-COMPASS consortium proposes to design, develop and validate in SME business environments two real-time proficient applications that fosters online security and promotes e-sales.

- Real-time Anti-fraud “Software-as-a-Service” with the following components: fully-functional web-based platform, a reputation database, a knowledge database (KDB).

- Real-time Data Mining “Software-as-a-Service” powered by: semantic web technologies, linked data, an event processing engine and web-based visualizations and dashboards.

Real-time anti-fraud aims at detecting fraud by analyzing financial transactions. The proposed anti-fraud service scores fraud predicting outcomes using data mining models.

Another key issue to promote e-sales is to have proficient services for real-time churn analysis; this means implementing real-time data mining services dealing with the ability to keep customers before they leave the e-commerce application in order to improve conversion rates and sales.

These services are based on:

- User habits, available products and services, and social reputation.

- Pricing optimization and yield management for perishable resources.


Research Institute


Funding Institution

Total Buget: 2.494.712,90 Eur

EC Funding: 1.740.157,75 Eur

Official project number

Status and date of completion

Ongoing, 2015/12/31 (24 months)