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A platform for opinion analysis of consumers and citizens

Every day, there is a turnover of millions of pieces of information, communication and opinions published in Internet that refer to people, companies, products, services, etc. The knowledge, tracking and control of all this information about people, companies, product or services and, the effect it has, is typically called Online Reputation Management. It is not a mere systematic compilation, but an aggregation and tracking with criterion of whether or not it affects the image of a person, company, product or service, along with its management and control, influencing the content that might be prejudicial to a brand.

As already well known in the marketing world, building a brand has a high cost for marketing communication campaigns in all types of media. Therefore to keep the reputation clear and well considered has a high importance.

As search engines allow unfettered access to the opinion of millions of consumers and users, the consumers will have an important role for companies. The opinion analysis technology and its impact in the market will lead to a more sophisticated and competitive market, where the clients and users will reward the quality of content, services and information.

Large corporations and Public Administrations are not isolated from the social democracy of the Internet. It is not a question of money, since the opinions of people cannot be shaped or reversed easily. It is necessary to guide the quality of services and products for continuous improvement from a more seriously perspective.

This main goal is achieved through the development of a platform which allows the acquisition of on-line contents to be analysed and weighted later using specific criterion, and guided to improve the reputation of a brand or product. The final user defines a few keyword concepts to monitorise. These keywords are searched in the Web using parsing techniques for HTML/XML or specific APIs for other portals (i.e. Facebook). Afterwards, the acquired contents are analysed using specific algorithms for text, images, video and audio, and finally weighted and visualised.

This analysed information will allow the users to know the reputation of their brand and to take decisions according to their company’s market strategies.


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Completed, December 2012