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ExCoRA faces the challenge of generating mobile and multiuser Collaborative Augmented Reality Experiences. AR is managed as a privileged element inside a global collaborative experience, designed by experts on transmission of messages and knowledge. The merge of the AR and new mobile technologies makes possible to improve the transmission of the message.

The main goal of ExCoRA is the development of a platform for the generation of collaborative and multiuser mobile Augmented Reality applications in open environments. The creation of these experiences will be based on the combination of different basic elements. Each of these basic elements can be configured through a friendly interface and will represent a specific activity (augmented game, insertion of virtual objects in patterns, collaborative augmented activity...). Thus, the experience generator will combine the basic elements like a puzzle. Finally, the users will take part in the collaborative experience in an AR scene, assimilating the messages and knowledge transmitted by the experience generator.

It is necessary for global companies to invest in technological development and long-term needs so that they can offer innovative services based on AR technologies, for which it is necessary to have a clear and proven business model which guarantees at least partially the investments made. Nowadays it is difficult to develop and validate a model which measures accurately the whole financial impact of a new way of generating experiences like the Augmented Reality. That is why ExCoRA hopes to validate the transmission of AR collaborative experiences between different business sectors (culture, tourism, gaming experiences, marketing and advertising).


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Status and date of completion

Completed, June 2012