Research Project: A Computer Based Accommodation Advisor

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The Computer Based Accommodation Advisor [CBAA] is an accommodation advisory expert system. The CBAA project was originally inspired by the fact that an immeasurable number of combinations of alternative routes, transport modes, and accommodation make travel decisions difficult. The necessity for travel-related information becomes especially evident when one considers the effects of seasonal changes in rates and schedules. Unfortunately, there is a lack of effective computerized advisory systems to assist tourists in their hotel selection. The primary objective in developing the CBAA as an accommodation advisory expert system was to provide suggestions to independent travelers about local lodging selection. Empirical findings from the users about the usefulness and effectiveness of the CBAA can be examined. In general, users found the CBAA an easy-to-use and effective advisory system.


accommodation advisory system, travel information, local lodging

Research Institute

HongKong Polytechnic University

Funding Institution

Official project number

Status and date of completion

Completed, 2003