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Description of this research area

TourMIS is the acronym for Tourism Marketing Information System, developed by Prof. Karl Wöber and his team from MODUL University Vienna. It has been introduced in the mid 1990’s when he was working at the Vienna University of Economics and Business and moved to the new campus of MODUL University in 2007. TourMIS ( is an information and decision support web portal for tourism SMEs/ managers, consultants, media, and students. It provides access to tourism statistics, allows comparisons of key performance indicators of tourism destinations, and is the platform for exchanging data, information and knowledge of professional networks in tourism. TourMIS is categorized as a Management Information System, or Decision Support System, respectively



Modul University Vienna


Prof. Dr. Karl Wöber

Research projects in this research area

Publications published by this institute characterizing this research area

Karl W. Wöber: Information supply in tourism management by marketing decision support systems, in: Journal Tourism Management, 2003, Issue 24, No. 3, pg. 241 ff.