Research Area: Tourism Informatics

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Description of this research area



Tokyo Metropolitan University


Associate Prof. Yohei Kurata

Research projects in this research area

Interactive Tour Planner

Publications published by this institute characterizing this research area

Kurata, Y. (2011, January). CT-Planner2: More flexible and interactive assistance for day tour planning. In ENTER (Vol. 2011, pp. 25-37).

Kurata, Y. (2010). Interactive assistance for tour planning. In Spatial Cognition VII (pp. 289-302). Springer Berlin Heidelberg.

Kurata, Y., & Hara, T. (2013). CT-Planner4: toward a more user-friendly interactive day-tour planner. In Information and communication technologies in tourism 2014 (pp. 73-86). Springer International Publishing.