Research Area: Information Systems Design and Web Engineering

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Description of this research area



University of Trento


Prof. Dr. Luisa Mich

Research projects in this research area

Publications published by this institute characterizing this research area

Mich, L., & Hull, J. S. (2012). Good practices for web presences strategies of tourism destinations. E-review of Tourism Research, 10(3).

Mich, L., & Kiyavitskaya, N. (2011, January). Mapping the web presences of tourism d

Mich, L. (2012, June). Requirements for a Comprehensive and Automated Web Reputation Monitoring System: First Iteration. In Software Science, Technology and Engineering (SWSTE), 2012 IEEE International Conference on (pp. 11-19). IEEE.

Mich, L. (2013). The Website Quality of the Regional Tourist Boards in the Alps: Ten Years Later. In Information and Communication Technologies in Tourism 2014 (pp. 651-663). Springer International Publishing.