Research Area: Human-technology interaction

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Description of this research area



University of Wollongong

Washington State University, Vancouver


Associate Prof. Ulrike Gretzel

Associate Prof. Iis Tussyadiah

Research projects in this research area

Publications published by this institute characterizing this research area

Gretzel, U., & Fesenmaier, D. (2006). The transformation of consumer behaviour. Faculty of Commerce-Papers, 9-18.

Xiang, Z., Gretzel, U., & Fesenmaier, D. R. (2009). Semantic representation of tourism on the Internet. Journal of Travel Research, 47(4), 440-453.

Gretzel, U., & Fesenmaier, D. R. (2009). Information technology: shaping the past, present and future of tourism.

Tussyadiah, I. P. (2012). A concept of location-based social network marketing. Journal of Travel & Tourism Marketing, 29(3), 205-220.