Research Area: Conceptualization, implementation and impact evaluation of ICT prototypes in Tourism

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Description of this research area

Little research exists on how innovative ICT applications affect knowledge creation and its use for decision making in tourism destinations. Thus, in collaboration with computer scientists, the goal of this research area is to conceptualize and to pilot-wise implement innovative ICT applications at destinations in order to estimate adoption effects, both from the perspective of destinations (e.g. destination management information systems), individual stakeholders (e.g. productivity gains), and from a customer perception and behavioural perspective (e.g. intention to use intelligent tourist guides, Quick-Response [QR] code-based digitalized customer cards, recommender systems, Web 2.0 platforms, etc.).


Ubiquitous services, e-business applications, e-business adoption effects, e-business prototype evaluation in tourism




Prof. Dr. Matthias Fuchs

Dr. Maria Lexhagen

Research projects in this research area

Engineering the Knowledge Destination

Publications published by this institute characterizing this research area

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