Research Area: Augmented reality and gamification

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Description of this research area

Gamification uses gaming mechanism in a non-traditional gaming context. Its potential impact to generate brand awareness and encourage consumer engagement makes it popular in many businesses including tourism. According to WTM Report (2011), gamification is a major trend for the coming years in tourism. It represents a new industry frontier which this project will pioneer.



eTourism Lab - Bournemouth University


Prof. Dr. Dimitrios Buhalis

Dr. Feifei Xu

Dr. Feng Tian

MA Jessika Weber

Research projects in this research area

The Gamification of Tourism – A Future Trend

Publications published by this institute characterizing this research area

Xu, F., Weber, J., & Buhalis, D. (2013). Gamification in tourism. In Information and Communication Technologies in Tourism 2014 (pp. 525-537). Springer International Publishing.

Xu, F., Tian, F., Buhalis, D., & Weber, J. (2013, September). Marketing Tourism via Electronic Games: Understanding the Motivation of Tourist Players. In VS-GAMES (pp. 1-8).