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IFITT Board members: from today to 1997

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Lorenzo Cantoni, President (2014-2018)

- Wolfram Höpken, Vice-President and Treasurer (2017-2019)

- Iis Tussyadiah, Vice-President (2014-2017)

- Barbara Neuhofer, Treasurer and Director of IFITT NextGeneration (2013-2017)

- Paul Baron, destination and industry ambassador (2014-2018)

- Matthias Fuchs, Director of IFITT Education (2014-2018)

- Oriol Miralbell, Director of IFITT national chapters and of Innovation Fund (2016-2018)

- Jean-Claude Morand, Industry and Destination ambassador in the French-speaking countries (2016-2018)

- Jamie Murphy, Serving IFITT in exploring opportunities offered by MOOC movement (2014-2018)

- Lidija Lalicic, Next Generation Director (2017-2019)

- Eduardo Santander, Destination and Industry ambassador (2014-2018)

- Steve Hood, Relations with Industry (2017-2019)

- Marianna Sigala, Serving IFITT as responsible for Members’ benefits and collaborating with IFITT Education (2016-2018) 2016-2018

- Brigitte Stangl, Serving IFITT as responsible for the IFITTtalk initiative (2014-2018)

- Zheng (Phil) Xiang, Research & Awards Director as well as responsible for the development of IFITT in China (2014-2018)

Dimitrios Buhalis, President (2010-2014)

Andrew Frew, President (2004-2010)

Josef Margreiter, President (2000-2004)

Hannes Werthner, President (1997-2000)

- Josef Margreiter, Vice President

- Kari Anonsen

- Dimitrios Buhalis

- Roger Carter

- Peter Dennis

- John Rafferty

- Walter Schertler