E-Word-of-Mouth and Destinations’ Reputation in Online Media

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Description of this research area

eWord-of-Mouth and Destinations’ reputation in online media is one of the recent research lines of webatelier.net. This research line stays in the overlapping area between media effects studies and eTourism. Online communication perspective might be relevant for a research on reputation for two main reasons: (i) it sees the Web as one more publishing arena, where people access information and form a mediated experience, providing contents that are accessed by many people, and those people might form opinions similar to those expressed, those contents can be considered proxies of reputation; (ii) applications and usages belonging to the so-called Web 2.0 allow individuals to publish online their opinions: user-generated contents (UGC), those individual opinions may be seen as instances of reputation: they can be harvested and treated as answers to an implicit survey. The goal of this research line is to investigate whether it is possible to define a framework for the analysis of the online reputation in the tourism field, in particular applied to tourism destinations.


eWord-of-Mouth, reputation in online media, tourism destination reputation, social media, online presence, social media, media effects, media coverage, public opinions


webatelier.net laboratory; Institute for Communication Technologies; Università della Svizzera Italiana


Dr. Elena Marchiori

Prof. Dr. Lorenzo Cantoni

Research projects in this research area

Theoretical framework to investigate the operationalization in multiple dimensions of opinions expressed online about a tourism destination.

Model for perceived online dominant opinion about tourism destinations

User test research on various online message cues/features that support the reputation of a destination in online media.

Dynamic public opinion: online conversations effects over time

Case studies on several tourism sectors (e.g.: Swiss and Italian agritourism industry, representation of Switzerland in a Chinese social network, and hotel responses to online conversations).

Publications published by this institute characterizing this research area

Journals peer reviewed

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Conferences with proceedings

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Contributions to conferences

Marchiori E., Boegli F., Adukaite A., Cantoni L. (2014) The Role of Food and Gastronomy in Online Travel Reviews about Agritourism Experiences. The case of Italy. 3rd International Congress UNESCO Chair Unitwin Network "culture, tourism, development" - tourism and gastronomy heritage - foodscapes, gastroregions and gastronomy tourism. Barcelona, Spain. June 16- 20, 2014

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Industry white papers